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I am still alive :D

Hello everyone :D

EVET - YES - I am still alive, I have just been veeery busy with going to different schools, having Global Villages and sightseeing.

I took so many pictures, but it is really time consuming to upload them to LJ - and also everyone else here uses Facebook - so I was 'forced' to upload them to Facebook. If you are interested in seeing them, just add me on Facebook or search for my name, the photos are public.
Ups, I forgot, most people here don't know my real name... Just ask me for it :D

But here is a little postcard I created from my pictures:

Okay, from top left you can see:
a bazar, Izmir, Virgin Mary, AIESEC office
a mosque in Istanbul, the Izmir Meet My Friend Project members (OCs and EPs), Ephesus (the big theater)
Blue Mosque in Istanbul, typical Izmir tree, breakfast at my host family's place, my host family

Well, actually yesterday I moved, because I had to change host family. My new host family lives in a REAL house, not the modern big apartment houses that are everywhere in Izmir, but a real house :D
It's very nice and I even have my own room.

This weekend we had the BAT 09 - Blue Aegaen Tour 2009 - and it was amazing, I even went swimming :D
The sea was so beautiful, clear blue water and a very nice beach. I also went swimming in a cave and you could see stalactites from the water. Hm, I think I've seen to much Fantasy, cause I also saw some alien faces in the walls :D really dark black alien eyes^^

Ephesus was really mind blowing! If you are interested in Ancient cities, this is the place to go, I felt like walking the streets 2000 years ago.

Lots of greetings from Izmir!!!

oh, in addition, I just watched SN s04e16 - I am crying here... this was so sad and Jeez I want to smash somebody... Oh, and brilliant acting by Jensen, the close-ups were amazing!

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