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Ups, I have to correct a little mistake...
Of course Istanbul doesn't have 50 million people, that's a little much...

It's 'only' about 12 to 13 million :D

Still veeery big^^

Oh, yesterday we had a little good-bye party for a Japanese girl and a welcome party for us new trainees and afterwards we went to a little bar near the AIESEC office and had lots of fun :D
A pint of beer costs 2.50€, so that's a good price.

Oh, at the supermarket yesterday I found German bread :D
They have Pumpernickel!!! He he, Cansen didn't know that, she was very surprised.
At the party I met so many other very nice people, it's amazing, AIESECers are awesome everywhere :D

Oh, I could just keep smiling, it's so awesome, I'm already learning a little Turkish, like some words. It's so much fun.

Okay, now I actually have to do some work, like prepare my presentation about Germany in more detail, I only collected lots of material so far, but I haven't finished one presentation yet. ATM my camera is charging, but ASAP I'll upload the pictures.

Hm, for breakfast there's always lots of olives and tomatoes, very yummy, today we also had some special Turkish bread called simit and a local herb from Izmir which you eat with it - I felt like a rabbit :D

Have fun!
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