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Hi FL,

I'm really sorry that I haven't been online on LJ for so long, but lots of stuff kept me busy.
First of all, I'm going on a study abroad to Loyola University New Orleans for the Fall term this year, therefore I had lots of essays to write and applications to fill out.
I also applied for a Fulbright stipend and BAföG and hope that I can get some extra money for flight costs and additional living costs.
Then I also applied for a teaching practice in Turkey, which will already start on the 7th of February, so in two weeks. I had to go to some seminars and prepare presentations and accumulate specifically German cultural things, such as a flag, traditional clothes and food. This is an AIESEC practice and it will be for the duration of eight weeks and I'm really looking forward to this experience and wonder if I will learn a little Turkish as well.

Well, then I've also been sick again. I changed my doctor and the new one finally could diagnose me: thyroid hypofunction. So for a few weeks I've been taking some meds and it's getting much better, I'm not so tired anymore and actually go out dancing and partying and actually enjoying student life again :D
Oh, btw, the doc said that I should definitely stop taking the meds when I go to the USA, because they put sooo much iod in everything anyways.

People who have been in the USA are all telling me how to get good and healthy food and that there is rarely any fresh fruits and vegetable and that they are really expensive and that I should go to the Mexicans cause they do have it fresh and at normal prices.
At that if I go out for meals or order something that I should ask for Doggy bags, so that I can have a second or third meal with the left overs later :D

Weird US... Well, I'm excited.
Since I will be in Turkey in two weeks and still have three exams and one presentation at University until then, I'm not sure when I will be online and reading and posting again.

BUt I won't forget you and I'll definitely be back :D
Maybe I can keep a journal on my experiences in Turkey...

*Hugs you all*
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