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little Christmas fic

Hiho, I know, haven't been around a lot, kinda busy with University hand ins and in addition I'm down with a cold...
BUT, I somehow managed to write my first little porn, really little, not much porn... But if you're interested:

Author: mre_quecky
Title: Santa looks... hot?
Summery/Prompt: #18 Jensen dresses up like Santa and makes Jared sit on his lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas.
Pairing: Jared-Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1757
Warnings: well, slash, ehm, dressing up? not really a warning, though... mild-BDSM, spanking, dom!Santa, sub!Jared, bad porn? really, that is my first... I prefer reading... not betaed (if someone wants to I'll gladly post the corrected version)
Disclaimer: hm, do I really have to write one? I guess it's clear that sadly those two aren't mine... Though I can wish for Christmas, right???

Fake cut to Cracktastic_J2

Wish you all a merry Christmas !!! *hugs FL*

Hope you get most of your wishes :D


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