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I am still alive :D

Hello everyone :D

EVET - YES - I am still alive, I have just been veeery busy with going to different schools, having Global Villages and sightseeing.

I took so many pictures, but it is really time consuming to upload them to LJ - and also everyone else here uses Facebook - so I was 'forced' to upload them to Facebook. If you are interested in seeing them, just add me on Facebook or search for my name, the photos are public.
Ups, I forgot, most people here don't know my real name... Just ask me for it :D

But here is a little postcard I created from my pictures:

Okay, from top left you can see:
a bazar, Izmir, Virgin Mary, AIESEC office
a mosque in Istanbul, the Izmir Meet My Friend Project members (OCs and EPs), Ephesus (the big theater)
Blue Mosque in Istanbul, typical Izmir tree, breakfast at my host family's place, my host family

Well, actually yesterday I moved, because I had to change host family. My new host family lives in a REAL house, not the modern big apartment houses that are everywhere in Izmir, but a real house :D
It's very nice and I even have my own room.

This weekend we had the BAT 09 - Blue Aegaen Tour 2009 - and it was amazing, I even went swimming :D
The sea was so beautiful, clear blue water and a very nice beach. I also went swimming in a cave and you could see stalactites from the water. Hm, I think I've seen to much Fantasy, cause I also saw some alien faces in the walls :D really dark black alien eyes^^

Ephesus was really mind blowing! If you are interested in Ancient cities, this is the place to go, I felt like walking the streets 2000 years ago.

Lots of greetings from Izmir!!!

oh, in addition, I just watched SN s04e16 - I am crying here... this was so sad and Jeez I want to smash somebody... Oh, and brilliant acting by Jensen, the close-ups were amazing!

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Turkey is playing Ivory Coast right this moment - soccer game.

And what a beautiful goal the Turkish just made! OMG... Cok güzel!

btw: Today I bought a bus ticket and a Turkish SIM card and you definitely can't imagine what you have to do in order to get a working SIM Card in Turkey! They need your passport and so on and so on. It takes so looong to get it working... In the phone shop they had at least four people working all the time and I know why: bureaucracy! It's amazing...

Now I'm gonna finally upload the pictures and watch the soccer game :D

[I use 'sch' instead of the Turkish letter 's' with its little thingy because I can't find it on my keyboard...]

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Ups, I have to correct a little mistake...
Of course Istanbul doesn't have 50 million people, that's a little much...

It's 'only' about 12 to 13 million :D

Still veeery big^^

Oh, yesterday we had a little good-bye party for a Japanese girl and a welcome party for us new trainees and afterwards we went to a little bar near the AIESEC office and had lots of fun :D
A pint of beer costs 2.50€, so that's a good price.

Oh, at the supermarket yesterday I found German bread :D
They have Pumpernickel!!! He he, Cansen didn't know that, she was very surprised.
At the party I met so many other very nice people, it's amazing, AIESECers are awesome everywhere :D

Oh, I could just keep smiling, it's so awesome, I'm already learning a little Turkish, like some words. It's so much fun.

Okay, now I actually have to do some work, like prepare my presentation about Germany in more detail, I only collected lots of material so far, but I haven't finished one presentation yet. ATM my camera is charging, but ASAP I'll upload the pictures.

Hm, for breakfast there's always lots of olives and tomatoes, very yummy, today we also had some special Turkish bread called simit and a local herb from Izmir which you eat with it - I felt like a rabbit :D

Have fun!
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This is my very first post from Turkey, Izmir.

On Saturday I left Dortmund with the train to Düsseldorf at 4:40am.
Then I took the plane to Zurich and then continued to Istanbul, where I arrived at 1:30pm local time (there's one hour difference).
I was a little late at the airport, but otherwise everything was fine.

In Istanbul I had to take a bus to Taksim square. The trip took the bus over an hour! Istanbul is such a large city, it's so incredible. It has 50 [wrong! only 12 to 13] million people!!! You can't imagine how huge it is.
Well I brought my carneval guard dance uniform and - typical me - I was so tired and exhausted ( I only slept half an hour from 3:10 to 3:40am ) that I forgot my uniform's hat on the bus.
My contact person here in Turkey - Özge Güler - instructed a taxi driver, but unfortunately the taxi driver misunderstood her and brought me to the wrong place of the university. So I had to take another taxi and some students instructed him where to bring me. Finally I arrived at the right place and carried all my luggage inside - my hands hurt like hell, because I had been carrying around my rucksack and two large luggage bags all day long - everything together was about 40kg at least. I also had to pay extra at the airport, because my luggage was too heavy...

Well, I arrived, everyone was already in the opening plenary and the Turkish people explained about some huge trips we can take part in - one is skeeing and the other is a sightseeing trip in the blue agean sea area.
Then every country presented itself, okay, the students from these countries presented their country. There were sooo many people from Asia! Lots of Chinese and Taiwanese and also some Japanese and Indonesian and one guy from Singapur. There's another girl from Germany as well - Conny - but she isn't staying in Izmir. There is one very nice girl from Canada - Julia - and a very handsome Brazilian called Caio. They are both staying in Izmir with me, too. We hit it off right away.
The Turkish are all very, very nice I'm really lucky with my host family, but later more about them.
In the evening we were all very tired, but still we went out to party. Istanbul is so different to Germany. The buildings are all very small and narrow, and for instance my single room at the hotel was also very small - I'll upload some pictures later on.
The bar we went to was at the top of a house and we had to climb at least 5 stairs - but the view was wonderful. When we danced and jumped the whole floor was moving :D very weird...
On the next day we visited the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, which is very beautiful and an amazing building. Unfortunately it was raining a lot, so we couldn't see much, but the place we had our breakfast at promised an amazing view from the mountains over the city.
Later on we went to a Starbucks and in the evening we took a bus to Izmir. The bus drive was very different, too. I.e. Turkish buses don't have any toilets, but you have service, like there was this guy walking around serving beverages and cookies and pretzels.
We went to the AIESEC office in the morning and had breakfast at the seaside. For 5 Lira (2.50€) we had a large Turkish breakfast with unlimited tea. By the way, there is lots of 'cay' everywhere :D Turkish tea is very good. Also, you have lots of olives, especially Izmir is famous for its olives.
Hm, oh, in Istanbul the prizes were nearly the same as in Germany, but that is because Istanbul is very expensive. Here in Izmir everything is cheaper.
Just this morning I went to the hair-dresser and got a new cut, it looks very nice and I'm gonna upload pics, too :D
My family is very, very nice! Cansen is a German student and her mother was a Chemistry teacher. Her father works as a designer for kitchen and bathroom decorations. Therefore it's no wonder that the whole apartment looks really, really awesome. They are very modern, like most of the people in the cities and in the west of Turkey.
I will talk about this later, cause right now we will leave for the bus to go to the AIESEC office and have a good-bye party for one of the Japanese trainees and a welcome party for us new trainees from the Meet My Friend Project. I will be going to a Turkish Highschool and present Germany and talk about Aids.
So, have fun!
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Hi FL,

I'm really sorry that I haven't been online on LJ for so long, but lots of stuff kept me busy.
First of all, I'm going on a study abroad to Loyola University New Orleans for the Fall term this year, therefore I had lots of essays to write and applications to fill out.
I also applied for a Fulbright stipend and BAföG and hope that I can get some extra money for flight costs and additional living costs.
Then I also applied for a teaching practice in Turkey, which will already start on the 7th of February, so in two weeks. I had to go to some seminars and prepare presentations and accumulate specifically German cultural things, such as a flag, traditional clothes and food. This is an AIESEC practice and it will be for the duration of eight weeks and I'm really looking forward to this experience and wonder if I will learn a little Turkish as well.

Well, then I've also been sick again. I changed my doctor and the new one finally could diagnose me: thyroid hypofunction. So for a few weeks I've been taking some meds and it's getting much better, I'm not so tired anymore and actually go out dancing and partying and actually enjoying student life again :D
Oh, btw, the doc said that I should definitely stop taking the meds when I go to the USA, because they put sooo much iod in everything anyways.

People who have been in the USA are all telling me how to get good and healthy food and that there is rarely any fresh fruits and vegetable and that they are really expensive and that I should go to the Mexicans cause they do have it fresh and at normal prices.
At that if I go out for meals or order something that I should ask for Doggy bags, so that I can have a second or third meal with the left overs later :D

Weird US... Well, I'm excited.
Since I will be in Turkey in two weeks and still have three exams and one presentation at University until then, I'm not sure when I will be online and reading and posting again.

BUt I won't forget you and I'll definitely be back :D
Maybe I can keep a journal on my experiences in Turkey...

*Hugs you all*
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OMG, I did it, I wrote til 5am in the morning, but I managed to hand in my teaching practice report today :D
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little Christmas fic

Hiho, I know, haven't been around a lot, kinda busy with University hand ins and in addition I'm down with a cold...
BUT, I somehow managed to write my first little porn, really little, not much porn... But if you're interested:

Author: mre_quecky
Title: Santa looks... hot?
Summery/Prompt: #18 Jensen dresses up like Santa and makes Jared sit on his lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas.
Pairing: Jared-Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1757
Warnings: well, slash, ehm, dressing up? not really a warning, though... mild-BDSM, spanking, dom!Santa, sub!Jared, bad porn? really, that is my first... I prefer reading... not betaed (if someone wants to I'll gladly post the corrected version)
Disclaimer: hm, do I really have to write one? I guess it's clear that sadly those two aren't mine... Though I can wish for Christmas, right???

Fake cut to Cracktastic_J2

Wish you all a merry Christmas !!! *hugs FL*

Hope you get most of your wishes :D


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